Bobrisky says he has missed his period & can’t wait to be an amazing mother (Video)


Nigerian male Barbie, Bobrisky looks every inch like a lady with all female features . big butt and curvy hips.

The bleaching expert now goes around looking shapely like a young woman.

He now has well rounded buttocks and a big breast.

In a new viral video shared on his Instagram page, the self crowned snapchat queen and socialites Bobrisky, says he is late for his period but he is not worried.

According to him, if he turns out to be pregnant, that would be amazing because he can’t wait to be a mother and back his child.

Just last year in December , a video of Bobrisky buying sanitary pads went viral online.

While many shrugged it off as one of his many stunts, others seem genuinely concerned for him and his Yansh.

The male Barbie is doing everything possible to turn into a woman.

Watch video below


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